The Festhalle on the BERNEXPO site, originally constructed as a temporary solution some 67 years ago, has reached the end of its life cycle. It is no longer up to date in matters such as energy conservation, architecture and environmentally sound operation.


The Neue Festhalle has three functional areas: the multifunctional hall, the large hall in the live centre with meeting and hospitality rooms and the shared foyer. The individual parts of the building can be operated and used either independently or in combination.

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Thanks to its multifunctional nature, the Neue Festhalle will offer the BERNEXPO GROUPE and other event organisers a modern and modular infrastructure for a wide array of use and event formats.

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Efficient operations and optimised logistics will provide event organisers with one of the most modern infrastructure environments in Switzerland. In its future operation, the Neue Festhalle will add a great deal of value to the city and canton, strongly reinforcing Bern’s position as a venue for events.

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The Neue Festhalle is a generation project. It is thus being planned and built with the utmost in care. No additional parking spaces are being created, and the parking arrangements on the site are being improved. The aim is to encourage environmentally friendly modes of transport. If possible, the building is to be operated without the use of fossil fuels. The buildings and site are also to become more environmentally friendly.

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The BERNEXPO GROUPE is committed to ensuring that the Neue Festhalle blends into the neighbourhood organically. For those living nearby, the project is to represent a continuation of the liveable, lively and dynamic trend in the development of the residential district. Targeted measures are to protect the neighbourhood from motorised traffic and emissions.

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