Safety concept for visitors and FAQ

On 23 June 2021, the Federal Council announced that trade fairs and consumer exhibitions with more than 1,000 people will be permitted starting on 1 July 2021 if the responsible cantonal authority grants the organiser a permit to hold the event. Such a permit is to be granted if

  • it can be assumed that the epidemiological situation in the canton of Bern will permit the event to be held;
  • it can be assumed that the canton will have the necessary capacity in the following areas at the time that the event is to be held
    • The required identification and notification of persons suspected of being infected
    • The capacity in the healthcare system
  • the organiser submits a safety concept which, based on an analysis of the risks of the corresponding large-scale event, makes provisions for the appropriate safety measures.


Since BERNEXPO is a reliable partner, we will ensure controlled access solely with a Covid certificate. This will let us avoid additional protection measures on the actual premises of the trade fair and consumer exhibition.


The safety and good health of all participants – visitors, exhibitors and employees alike – are of paramount importance to us, and we believe in working towards the best possible solution together. On this page, we provide an overview of mandatory and recommended measures. Foreign visitors and exhibitors should consult the Federal Office of Public Health’s regulations for entering the country ( and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs’ regulations ( that are currently in effect.


You will find the details of the measures in our safety and hygiene concept (subject to change).


  • Admission to the event for all persons aged 16 years of age and over (persons under 16 are exempt from these requirements) only with a COVID certificate that demonstrates that a person has been tested for COVID-19, has recovered from COVID-19 or has been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • A safety concept in accordance with the current requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health and the canton of Bern
  • Where appropriate and necessary, markings on the floor to ensure that participants maintain minimum distances from each other (with a focus on the flow of visitors particularly when entering and exiting the premises)
  • Frequent cleaning of all social areas
  • Sufficient sanitising and hand hygiene stations
  • Hall ventilation with 100% fresh air


The following section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about visiting trade fairs and about the COVID-19 measures in place at the BERNEXPO exhibition and trade centre.


Yes, visitor tickets are available only through the online ticket shop. Our online registration system complies with official requirements and enables fast contact tracing.


Be responsible when arriving and departing. Wear a face mask on public transport and maintain social distancing at rail stations, bus stops and in all other situations as per government guidelines.
If you wish to avoid public transport, arrive by car. For information about parking, directions and prices, see here.
If possible, please pay by debit or credit card to avoid cash transactions.



Si vous ou une personne vivant dans le même foyer que vous vous sentez malade, nous vous prions de rester absolument chez vous et de contacter un service médical. We reserve the right to randomly test visitors’ temperature at the trade fair.


If you or a member of your household has recently returned from a high-risk region, adhere to the official quarantine requirements.


Access rules with Covid certificate:

Access to the trade fair is restricted to the following individuals of age 16 and over; for individuals under the age of 16, there are no restrictions:

  • Individuals vaccinated against Covid: access is permitted for up to 12 months after complete vaccination
  • Individuals who have recovered from Covid: access is permitted for individuals who can prove that they have contracted SARS-CoV-2 and are now considered to have recovered from it; such access is permitted for up to 6 months after the 11th day after confirmation of infection
  • Individuals who have been tested for Covid: individuals who have a negative test result from one of the following Covid-19 tests
  • A PCR test is valid for 72 hours from the time of sample collection
  • An antigen rapid test is valid for 48 hours from the time of sample collection


This applies to all participants involved in the trade fair (visitors, employees, exhibitors, general staff, operating staff and security personnel).


Detailed information on the Covid certificate, including explanations, can be found here or at the page of the canton.


Check of Covid certificate:

The Covid certificate and an official identity card must be shown at the entrance to the trade fair grounds. After the name on the certificate is checked against the identity card, the access control via the admission system will follow. The visit at the fenced-in exhibition premises is possible without restrictions, since the certificate is checked outside of the premises.


Taking antigen rapid test at trade fair:

At the following link, you can book an appointment for an antigen rapid test on site at the exhibition premises. However, we recommend that you arrive with a valid test


Indoor and outdoor event spaces: There is no general requirement that a mask be worn. If it is impossible to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres to other individuals, we recommend that you wear a mask.

In publicly accessible outdoor areas: If it is impossible to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from other individuals, masks are required.


Social distancing:
Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m to other people when queuing or sharing a small space. Avoid physical contact. Whenever necessary, sections of the WC facilities will be cordoned off to ensure that a social distance of 1.5 m is maintained.

Hand hygiene:
Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. If you cannot wash your hands, use the sanitiser dispensers provided on the BERNEXPO premises.

No shaking hands:
Refrain from shaking hands, social kissing and touching your nose, mouth and eyes.

Coughing and sneezing:
Please sneeze and cough into your elbow. Throw away used tissues and other personal disposables using the bins provided.

If you touch any documents, please take them with you instead of putting them back.




There are various catering options at the BERNEXPO exhibition and trade centre. There are no restrictions on the consumption of food and beverages, since access is ensured by a Covid certificate. We prefer contactless paymentThere are various catering options at the BERNEXPO exhibition and trade centre. There are no restrictions on the consumption of food and beverages, since access is ensured by a Covid certificate. We prefer contactless payment.


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